Venue Draping


We can enhance or fully transform any place based on your personal vision.

If you have a certain theme in mind, such as a winter wonderland, we can help you make it a reality with our draping techniques and soft swags.

We can use many types of lighting to create a specific mood, such as a twinkling of lights on the ceiling or changing the ambience with different coloured uplighting to complement your colour theme and contribute to the immersive experience of your event.

What to Expect

£175.00 based on 1 Hired 6 x4 Drape System within the local Norwich area.

Our drapes range in height from 3m to 4m and are available in 3m width sections. If no attachment points are available in the venue, we can use our pipe and free stand system, which does not require any attachment points. Drapes are a versatile textile that can be used to conceal ugly walls or doorways in a variety of applications. These are frequently utilised to create chill-out zones in huge venues by masking light, creating stage backgrounds, or providing room barriers. Many of our clients use our pipe and draperies system to create a continuous inner wall around the inside of their venue, giving them a blank canvas on which to paint their own unique colour or theme.

The majority of our drapes come in 6m by 4m lengths, however, these can be custom-made to suit your requirements. All our drapes are erected using a specialist pipe and base system which can extend up to 4 metres, which will reach the ceilings of most venues in the UK. This free-standing and telescopic system does not need to be secured to the venue in any way. Our drapes are manufactured from a fire retardant material which complies with health and safety legislation, and fire certificates are available upon request for peace of mind.

We need the exact dimensions of the space, as well as the number of doors, fire exits, and windows, in order to provide an appropriate quote for drapery. The venue should be able to give a precise room plan from which we can work; however, a site visit may be necessary to determine the exact number of curtains and pipe systems needed.

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